The Daily Sigh
The Daily Sigh
Community Rise.

Community Rise.

Day 37

Today is today,

Here ye here ye
I heard you loud & clear. The consensus to adding & amplifying more voices was overwhelming so let’s move forward.

While I sat with that, more came through.
In this Sunday’s episode I share a bit of the behind the scenes of how we arrived here & the intention moving forward as a collective. Also some fun new additions for paid subscribers!

- We’re now accepting TDS Submissions (open to all)
- Introducing Community Monthly Meet up (The Deep Sigh)
- The Stream is now a bi-weekly audio advice column
- Paid subscription is now only $13/month

see you on the other side

*this post will be pinned for easier reference.

P.S. I highly recommend downloading the Substack App if you haven’t already. it makes listening to Sunday’s Stream & mid week written posts so much easier. Substack has now given us features for written posts to be read to you, not in my voice but for easier access none the less!

How to Submit:
To submit a written piece for consideration to The Daily Sigh, please email your:

1. Name
If you’d like to stay anonymous
2. The thought piece (story, journal entry, poem, think piece etc. can be short or anywhere from 500-700 words)
3. an embodiment practice
4. contact links (i.e. how you’d liked to be contacted by anyone interested)email this to-

Topics include
themes around wrestling with the most asked question of our existence- Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to contribute to the whole?

Please be sure to include an embodiment practice, a recommendation or one you use in your daily sigh practice that can be shared with the community. We enjoy journal prompts, links to breath work practices, playlist or even your favorite movement/art prompts.

Unless you have original photography or artwork you feel would fit well, artwork will be chosen on our end to follow the theme of The Daily Sigh.

Submission are accepted on a rolling basis. There are no deadlines.
You can submit more than once. Once submitted, your piece will be up for consideration to be shared in TDS. That’s it! Thanks for being a part of our initiative to amplify the voices in our community that are deepening the practice of self contemplation & seeking meaning to the identity of all they are.

- [ ] Consent & Confidentiality- By submitting to The Daily Sigh, you are signing off to the use of your content for various platforms but not limited to The Daily Sigh IG, Newsletter, Website & Emails. Should you choose to remain anonymous, please inform upon submission inside of your email. Failure to do so will forfeit the right to anonymity. The materials submitted must be owned by the creator sending in the project. Submissions are subject to certain qualifications. If your submission is not posted right away, this does not mean it won’t be in the future. Due to large volumes of submissions we may only reply to all accepted submissions.

- [ ] Rights & Ownership- We do not own the holding rights to your words or submissions. At the time of this submission season, the compensation for submission is an opportunity to reach a wider audience & share in communion with others. Should this change, updates will be made & informed to the you, the community.

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