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The Deep Sigh Replay

Our goodbye
green leafed plant

Today is today,

We had a beautiful time at this Deep Sigh hosted by Jackie Grawe. She guided us through an art & poetry practice that I’ve now added to my morning journal pages.

I highly recommend carving some time to learn this simple but incredibly potent practice that you can add to your daily rituals.

Here’s Jackie’s Intro video to learn a bit of the practice.

Here’s the PDF guidance downloadable.

Private Art Lesson with Jackie

Details for TDS break:

All paid subscriptions have now been canceled, you will no longer be charged. If for any reason you do, please reach out to us & we will rectify the situation.

All free posts will remain up if for any time you’d like to come back and read them.

I hope one day to revive this space, if not, I’m so grateful for what we created together.

sending love & infinite blessings for tomorrow

The Daily Sigh
The Daily Sigh
Jasmine Nnenna