Jul 24, 2022 • 19M

Answering HD Questions

Day 43

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Jasmine Nnenna
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Today is today,

Sunday! A Stream. Thank you again for your grace & healing wishes as I nursed back to health last week.

In this Stream I wanted to answer some questions around HD, Astro & gene Keys. Specifically my recommendations on books, places to learn & answering a few questions that could spark some studying for you.

These tools are so powerful on their own but when merged, they have completely changed my life & they’re things I will always recommend to anyone that cares to listen.

Here’s a short list of some books:

Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry
Human Design by Ra & Lynda Bunnell
The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
Human Design by Chetan Parkyn
Human Design of America
Order your Human Design Soul Map

Let me know if you have any other questions & I’ll be happy to answer!
see you on the other side

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